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About us

25 Jahre Ersatzteile

SINCE 1989

We have 27 years of experience with replacement parts and lifts.

We not only attach great importance to the quality of our parts, but also to

satisfying our customers.

Good reasons for obtaining lift spare parts from us

Express Ersatzteillieferung

Very fast shipping!

Hebebühnen MonteurHebebühnen Reparatur

We receive a lot of repair and installation requests,
and will gladly forward them to you!

Sehr gute ersatzteilqualität

Excellent quality!
Available immediately!

Teile Zurückschickenzurückschicken

In the event of ordering too many parts, simply send them back to us. With no restocking fee!

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All spare parts with prices + photos are available with your smartphone ANYTIME and ANYWHERE!

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And of course, conveniently
using your laptop or computer

We are focused entirely on you!

This is how you can order from us.

Email Bestellungen

By Email at

Fax Bestellungen

By Fax at

+49 8373/1780

By Whatsapp

+49 152/58135975

Onlineshop BestellenSmartphone Bestsellung


Optimised for your PC, and also for

your tablet and smartphone! This way you can view all prices while on the move in order to make offers to

customers on site or order right away!

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