Spare parts for tyre changer and wheel balance machines

We offer the following spare parts for tyre-changer and balancing machines

Are you looking for spare parts for tyre tyre-changer and wheel balacer? We stock a wide range of spare parts such as

  • Hydraulic parts
  • Pneumatic parts
  • Circuit boards
  • Electronic parts
  • Hoses
  • Covers
  • Protection accessories
  • Cylinders
  • Valves
  • and much more

We offer spare parts for the following manufacturers:

Brands Overview


ATH Heinl

ATH Heinl



Space Test




CEMB wheel balancer




More information about tyre tyre-changer

The perfect all round tyre-changer

There is the right tyre-changer. for every need, both car and truck wheel-changer. Before deciding on a tyre-changer., you should be clear about what you require from the tyre-changer. For this purpose, it is necessary to define what wheel and tyre combinations will be fitted. Not only the diameter is important, but also the width. Also consider whether you will be fitting difficult wheels such as low-profile tyres, UHPs and run-flat tyres in the future.

Our workshop equipment range includes many different tyre-changer, with different equipment. In addition to plates, we also offer the central clamping device. This is especially rim-friendly and is ideal for rims with a high-gloss finish.

New generation of wheel balacer

Modern wheel balancing machines have many functions for perfect wheel balancing. Automatic recording of wheel data, interior wheel lighting and laser positioning aids help balance the wheels quickly and easily. This way, you get the best results, and the automated processes also mean you save time.


Car, truck wheel balancing machines, tyre-changer

Our truck and car workshop equipment shop only offers brand quality from well-known manufacturers. Whether Corghi, Hofmann,Ravaglioli, Beissbarth or ATH Heinl, our tyre fitting machines and wheel balancing machines meet the highest quality standards and have a long service life. Put your trust in our over 40 years of experience for your workshop equipment. Our trained staff will be happy to help you find the perfect solution for your tyre service machine. Simply order online and at a good price of course.

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